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Hotel Ramada

Ealing, London W5 3HN

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W rankingu w kategorii Hotele , Hotel Ramada zajmuje 3 miejsce.
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 ~piotr: hotel
 ~martek: Tutaj znajdziesz różne tanie noclegi w Londynie, ceny hosteli juz od 10 funtów za nocleg od osoby!!

 ~Szamantha: The problem is that there's a eenfirdfce between "needs his meds adjusted" and "needs a wake-up call." My brother-in-law, for instance, honestly believes that his job on this earth is to care for us all during the tribulation, but he's not clinically insane. He's just so whacked-out dysfuctional and bereft of responsibility that he filled in the gaps in his identity with whatever mumbo-jumbo happened to come down the pike. I guarantee that if sufficient forces conspired to make him face reality, he would snap out of it. (Either that, or burrow deeper -- but again, he's not hearing voices, he's just highly delusional.) In other words, it's less a chemical/brain function problem than it is a personality disorder-type problem. I'm guessing this Vlad-wannabe falls in that same category.
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