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Garrick Theatre
Garrick Theatre

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2 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HH, Telephone: 0870 890 1104

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 ~Angie: Thank you to the Barrister for keeping this issue alive and for brnngiig it to a public forum. As members of the HRG, we should receive co-curricular status. Although HUSL may not have liked the way that HRG was formed, it is no longer the Scroll and should not be treated as a rogue publication. We are dedicated individuals who are putting time and effort into ensuring that we are publishing intellectually stimulating materials and promoting awareness of human rights issues. One of the posters below insinuated that HUSL may have reasons for denying co-curricular status HRG. Last year's board put an extraordinary amount of effort into producing a proposal highlighting all of the reasons why HRG should be recognized, along with supporting data. As of yet, HUSL has not provided us with a legitimate reason as to why we should not be recognized. Thus, the burden is now on them to give us an explanation. Without any reason, we have no way of even rectifying the situation if we are indeed doing something wrong. We have approached the board year after year, but have gotten nowhere. It's high time that we find out why.
Team One
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