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Kidz Ltd
Kidz Ltd
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5 Ladymere Drive, Worsley, Manchester, M28 7DH, Telephone: 0870 241 4418

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 ~Man: Megan and Elizabeth are true San Antonio heroes. What a great idea! I love the concontien between I'm proud of you and radical life transformation. So true. Thanks for sharing this story.
 ~Davion: ** Well, I’m happy to report that I can now read the comments section, again. I fiddled around with my screen and figured out how to remove the stars from my sight. Now, I can read without distraction and with a clear conscience! – - – > On the alternative-fundraising-ideas front, I have another suggestion and I’m quite serious. Awhile ago, there was a virulent anti-gay activist (Rev. Fred Phelps) who would show up everywhere spewing his vitriol. Rather than continuing their ineffective counter-protests, someone in the GBLTQI community came up with an amazing idea – to turn it into a fundraiser!!! People began to pledge amounts of money, they could afford, for every minute the guy spoke. No matter where he was, someone kept track of his time with a stopwatch. Think about the brilliance of it! The longer and more frequently the guy spoke, the more money “he” raised for GBLTQI causes and initiatives! So, why not something like that here? This site is a bastion of vision and courage, which continues to make INvaluable contributions to P/I issues.Why not let Israel fund Mondoweiss?What if folks, here, pledged to donate a certain amount of money to Mondoweiss for each… I don’t know… for each new settlement unit built??? The bucks, even if not monstrous, would add up fast enough and, I think, would be very interesting. It would also make something that’s very abstract and far away, concrete and up-close.People would feel they were working FOR something at the same time they were making a statement AGAINST something. Donors would be getting a double bang for our buck, another kind of 2 for 1, so to speak.I ‘d suggest adding a page to the site that linked to a map, a new unit counter, and a donation counter. That way, we could follow it as the numbers went up. ( Aside”: There is (was?) an interesting iphone app out that that tracks settlement activity, if that would be of any value to something like this.)Continuing to brainstorm… cialis a auto insurance
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