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Denta Clinic
Denta Clinic
Stomatolodzy i pracownie protetyczne

Even a subtle change in your smile helps you to project an image of self-confidence. If you feel good about your smile – you will feel good about yourself!

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Denta Clinic is a dental private practice based in the very heart of Ilford, not far from the Lidl store. We provide the highest quality dental care and treatment services for all generations: parents, children and grandchildren.
You will be pleasantly surprised by our friendly and comfortable environment and sensitive service.
All our dentists are very experienced doctors of broad medical specialization. We speak English, Lithuanian, Russian languages
Our flexible late evening opening hours allow you to make sure you do not miss work or those important meetings.

Our Dentist:

Full range of Dental Treatments:

*General Dentistry
*Dental Sealants
*Inlays & Onlays Restorations
*Non-Surgical Root Canal
*Cosmetic Treatments
*Aesthetic Restorations
*Porcelain Veneers
*Teeth Whitening
*Dental Health
*Profesional Oral Hygiene
*Child Dentistry
*Periodontal Maintenance
*Clare Braces
*Surgical Procedure
*Surgical Extractions
*Dental Implants

Opening hours:

Mon –Fri 9:00-20:30
Sat 9:00-16:00
Sun day off
*Bank Holidays 9:00-20:30

Our address:

58 Oaklands Park Avenue
London, IG1 1TG, UK
Landline: 0208-553-5283
Mobile: 07711-781746

Looking for the a great dentist in London? Come in and see us - and walk out smiling with confidence!
Team One
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