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Kościół M. B. Częstochowskiej ISLINGTON
Kościoły i Parafie

ISLINGTON, 2 Devonia Road, London N1, tel: 020 7226 9944 Msze święte: sobota o 18.00, niedziela 9.00, 11.00, 12.30, 15.30, 19.00

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 ~anitorek: Bardzo miły kościół,księża przeważnie też.Polecam.
 ~Esther: Im trying 2 get back with my ex. How can i make this mgesase im going 2 send her sound less desperate? If we ever get back 2gether, im determined to be the BEST bf possible to you and treat you like a princess every second ) and i will try my best to never hurt you again and i will NEVERRR lie 2 u again. And thats my promise. Im really sorry for my past and the upset that ive caused u and i feel really guilty and terrible still. It hurts me when youre hurt Even if we dont ever get back 2gether ill still keep my promise and try my best to nevverr hurt u again and ill still never lie 2 u again cuz u r my best friend ill respect your decision either way. you are the most beautiful amazing person that ive ever meet on this planet and u are such a cutie !!! I love you so much and nobody else and i want to be with YOU and nobody else. i want to be able to randomly come up to you and hug you and kiss you and tell you that i love you and why i do. And since weve seperated, ive seen so many things i can fix and do better at for next time. Do you think i could get a second chance? U mite fall for me, u never know what the future holds .
Team One
imgSouth Bank
Szkoła na Croydon/Crystal Palace im. Karola Chodkiewicza
Polska szkoła sobotnia w BRIGHTON-HOVE
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